Weekly Activity Idea

This week, use the link in the button on this page to visit the San Diego Zoo webpage, you can choose a Live Webcam to watch some of the Animals.  Explore other areas/animals on the videos and other links on the website.  While you are doing this and watching a Live Web Cam, you can do many language enrichment activities.  Talk about the names of the animals, have your child describe what the animal looks like using words to explain the color/shape/size/parts of the animal.  Discuss what the animal likes to eat, where they live (what does their area look like?), how does that animal get around (swim/fly/run/etc). Talk about other animals that may fit in the same category, what category is that?  For example:  Reptiles: snakes, lizards, turtles, etc.

If your child is working on Articulation (Speech sound production) find animals, things in the environment that contain their target sounds.  Practice those sounds 5 times each in words, if they are doing well, have them make or imitate a short sentence with the word used in that sentence.